Frequently Asked Questions


To produce Dufex we print using specially formualted transparent inks. Transparent inks are used to allow the reflective quality of the foil and the embossing effect to be appreciated.  Any colour or number of colours can be specified.

The embossing process imparts the three dimensional or 'illusion of movement' effect and is carried out from plates made to interact with the printed image. The plates are designed after careful study of the printed image in order to capture the natural reflective phenomena of the real object. It is this that creates the almost holographic appearance of the printed image.  Further treatment of the surrounding background area can enhance the three dimensional effect or create the 'illusion of movement'.

Before an embossing plate is made the requirements of the client are carefully considered and interpreted accordingly.  This will influence the final impression from one of conservative elegance to one more vibrant and less constrained. This makes the process ideal for elegant and different brochure covers and folders or eye-catching point-of-purchase display and special packaging.

Dufex can also be film laminated to protect the surface against marking or to prevent splitting when folding.


  • Brochure and Annual report covers
  • Presentation folders/leaflets
  • Advertising
  • Sales Aids
  • Posters
  • Point-of-purchase display cards
  • Book jackets and covers
  • CD & Video sleeves and boxes
  • Self adhesive Security labels
  • Distinctive packaging
  • Promotional record sleeves
  • Business to business/Christmas Cards